Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Beautiful New Year's Day Visit to the Beach 2012!

 Well, Monday here in Australia (as with everyone else probably!) was a public holiday for New Years and so we decided to head out to the beach and try Dad's new Jetski's! Everyone was so excited. We were all up really early and on the road before 7.30am as we knew it was going to be 40 degrees today! (105 degrees for the American fam!) So we wanted to be on the way home by after lunch!
 Nanny Sussie with Jordan and Me with James enjoying some paddle time in the water.
 Jordan's first trip to the beach! Yeah!
 James, getting ready to sit back and relax in the shade on a beach chair he stole from his cousin Maya! It was just his size!
 Brooklyn and her cousin Madison enjoy a dip in the sea while they wait patiently for their turn on the jetski's.
 Enjoying the sun, Beautiful ski, clear water and nice warm sun!
 Passengers waiting for the jetski to come back!
 Brooklyn loads up her water gun ready for a fight!
 Brooklyn, Charlotte and Megan!

 ..........and here comes Daddy! With Jacob enjoying an awesome ride out to sea on Poppy's jetski. Jason, Poppy, my brothers Scott and Simon, brother's in law Steven, and Tara all went to get their watercraft licience before Christmas and were eager to give it a go! The water police were on hand checking liceinces and restrictions as the bay was busy. Didn't get a pic though of them!
 Best cousins! Jacob and Madison.
 We went and bought a packet of icy-poles because it was so hot! James thought it was awesome to have one in each hand!
 What a Stud! Just like his Dad!
 Courtney and Myself have a paddle with James and Jordan.
 Spunky beach goers!

 Charlotte not impressed to wait her turn........... she's fine! Go figure!

The Set up! Plenty of shade from the heat!

 Now Brooklyn has a go!
Was a great dayout!

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