Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Celebrating Mooroolbark Festival

Well it's that time of year and because the kids are getting older, they were all respectively invited to participate in Celebrate Mooroolbark. It's a local fair where schools, clubs and preschools can sings, perform, march, set up stalls and celebrate being a part of Mooroolbark, where we live. There was heaps of food and rides.

This training contraption was brought by the scouts and was free to use all day. Charlotte showed no fear as she kept calling ' Come on Mum!"
Say Hello to Daddy!

Jacob, Brooklyn, Charlotte and I were all involved in the comunity parade held during the day. I was marching with my preschool children, Jacob and Charlotte included, on behalf of our local preschool where I work.

Brooklyn was marching with her Girl Guides group. Her school was also marching so she had to make a discision there! All participants had great banners and flags they made and we all marched to the local Salvation army band through the main street of the town.

At the end we enjoyed some great entertainment, some food, some community stalls and some games.

Brooklyn with her Girl Guide group around somewhere!

Here's our banner and some of our participants. The theme was 'Australian Stories'. The weather was fantastic, the children were excitied and proud to show Daddy how cool it was to be a part of all these groups.

Charlotte hits the deck.....

Well Charlotte is slowly getting used to Sunday afternoon chrch times and here is how I found her while I was cooking dinner. We came home from church, got changed and were winding down for dinner when I noticed it was all quiet in the lounge. Here she's fallen aslepp, waiting for dinner, on our coffee table!!!!!

Daddy's little helpes.

I'm so sorry that I have been so long at keeping up with posts for the blog. We have had quite a bit on our plate and have had trouble with the camera for a while.
But anyway, we have begun to replant. After what was deemed 'Black Saturday', after the heatwave, we have begun to replace all of the vegtables slowly. Well Jason has been doing most of it. Today he had some help from some very capable apprentices!

Jacob lends a hand!!!!

Charlotte finds some potatoes!!!!

Let the replanting begin!!!!!