Monday, August 25, 2008

our new compost bays!

Here are a couple of pictures of Jason's new compost bays he built.

We still don't have chickens yet, a friend is breedi8ng some for us. But when we do, their cage will be cleaned out and put straight onto the compost, turned over and put onto the vegtable gardens.

Our mighty labourers guide the sleepers ready for their next instruction from Daddy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our newest craft afternoon!

So we've come to another craft Saturday afternoon. So after finishing the chicken house I was off to my mum's house for some great crafting! Here is (L-R) my sister Morgan, a friend from church Holly and my sister Courtney. Mum and I are sitting on the other side! Some friends were sick so the group was small today!

Courtney, my sister made these blocks for a friend who has just bought a new flat! When you look at them this way, they say JOY across the front, HOPE in red accross the front and LOVE accross the top. She's so clever, we've all put our orders in! Morgan also made a hanging for her friends to try and liven up their place. I don't have any photos though. Her's had some gorgeous pics of the temple and some beautiful quotes for a nice wall hanging!

So here's what I made!

Each hanging has the phrase - A Daughter of Heavenly Father. One for Charlotte and one for Brooklyn.

I'm so sorry they are all sideways! I wanted each of the kids to have something special in their rooms just for them, that brought them closer to remembering the Savior each time they saw it! I think I acheived it!

Please ignore my hair, it looks awful. I was having a bad hair day!!! HEHEHE!! Especially after crawling around making the chicken house!

Mum finished her peice to hang in her nursery! It says I am a Child of God in these bright funky colours, I love it!

It was a great afternoon. Stay tuned for the next episode six weeks from now!

Chicken a-la-king! What a mansion!

We'll here it is - our chicken house. We've been saving for ages, all the while trying to educate outselves on best how to keep chickens. So we were lucky to have a clear afternoon with a little sun to try and put it together.
Brooklyn and Jaocb demonstrate where they'll collect the eggs from!

There's always plenty of helpers !


It's got all the bells and whistles! It's free standing so that it can be moved around the yard and has a mesh bottom cause we have a fox prone area here in Mooroolbark!!!!

What chicken would not love to be living here!