Monday, November 29, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....

Here we go again. It's christmas tree time again. And Jason had plenty of little helpers this year.
My gorgeous helper Charlotte
Helpers 1,2 and 3 use whatever means necessary to decorate all of the tree.
Fluffing out the branches.....

Ready to be decorated...

Santa's little reindeer elf !

Our little tresures.........

Killing their little brother with kindness. Charlotte has just worked out she can carry James everytime he cries. So she brings him to me every time now! Joyful days.
My four little angels,,,today their angels anyway.

McDonald boys!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

James learning to smile...!!!!!

My baby boy is about 5 weeks old in these photos and has started to smile at everyone who smiles at him. Heavenly Father knows exactly how to melt a heart with the innocent smile of a young spirit. These smiles were enough to keep my sleep tortured frustrations in check. Being a mum is awsome!

A very ticklish James!

Doesn't this face make all of your problems seem insignificant?

Now it's Daddy's turn for a tickle.

Here's some light bedtime reading for you!

Charlotte was quietly reading to herself in bed the other night but by the time I got back to tuck her in and turn out the light......I found she had already dosed off. I guess the book wasn't that interesting!
Jacob also is anotherone that likes to read in bed with his little lamp.

Isn't he cute!

Some Randon Pics of the Kids lately:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Fun at the school fete.....

Well, we had a beautiful weekend here last week so we decided to go to the kids school fair. It's the biggest fundraiser of the year and I had felt bad because James was only 3 weeks old and thus my participation was pretty limied. School is only about 500 metres around the corner so we all set out for a nice walk. The kids saved their pocket money just incase their were any rides or show bags they liked. Brooklyn also sang in the school choir presentation. She loves to sing!
As it turns out - the rides were the biggest attraction. Here are the kids waiting for their rides.
James and I wait patiently....

The swinging chair ride.

The crocodile jumping castle - on the inside. Jacob climbs in.

And now they all come out the other end!!!!!!!!
Charlotte getting some form of help her from her older brother!

Fun with Camping Puddles......

Time for the annual Melbourne Cup Weekend Camping Extravaganza - where all the family get together and enjoy some time in the great outdoors! Hahahaha!
This is what camping is like when you have about 30 centremetres of rain over a long weekend. Thankfully, this year Jason and I opted to stay at home over nights because James was only 2 weeks old, but mum and Dad took the kids up and we visited each day. Well, let's see what happened. There was no swimming, no canoeing, no bike riding, no camp fires or hiking. Nothing but rain and then some more rain. Those in caravans probably counted their blessings as they crossed the great seas that were lapping at their doors.



There's always next year. Sometimes you beat the weather, othertimes it beats you! We eventually came home after 2 days (supposed to stay 4 days!) because, well, we ha no dry clothes or clean clothes and all wanted a nice warm shower!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

James William McDonald's Blessing......

Today was James' blessing day at church and the sun was shining, blessing us for a fabulous church service, nice photos in the garden and a gorgeous outdoor lunch after church. Here we begin to round up the they head out of the chapel for a family photo.
James' aunties never too far from a digital camera. This was just one of 19 shots that Courtney and Morgan took of themselves and their partners whilst waiting for the rest of the family!
Here come some more family stragglers out of the chapel included!

Waiting patiently enjoying the sun and not having a current calling that requires my attention....
Here we go!
The three ring circus of misfits that is our fabulous family! We wouldn'd have it any other way. We finally manage to pose for a family shot to celebrate.

Four generations of Adams, McDonald women

Four generations of Adams, McDonald men!

The tremendous wall of priesthood that is our has to be blessed to have such a wonderful army helping to raise our children. From left to right - Uncle Simon, Seth McDonald (no relation-Morgan's wonderful boyfriend!), Uncle Scott, Jason, Poppy David, Uncle Steven and of course older brother Jacob in front. Our only wish was to have the USA McDonald priesthood line here as well.

One big happy!

On to the grandparents house after church for a yummy lunch complete with soups, sandwiches, hot savouries and of course dessert.

Time for sweets!!!!!! YYYUUUMMM!

Aunty Tara made the beautiful cake that was a white rasberry mud cake - a favourite that was demolished in 2 seconds. Jason and James enjoy a blessing song (haha) and....

Jason blowing out the yummy blessing cake with his only front tooth!!!!!