Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Easter from Charlotte!

More photos to come but....we had a Ward Easter Picnic recently and Charlotte had a blast!
Charlotte the Bunny shows us her happy face......
and then her sad face........!

Charlotte wins at her scavenger hunt and the Freddo run! Whoa - hoo! She scores and icypole and a chocolate frog!

Talk about flash flooding lately!

A couple of weeks ago, we had what we all thought was going to be a small flood! Talk about Flash Flood. It only rained real hard for about 30 minutes but this was the results! This is the guttering outside our house. All the cars frove in the centre of the road to avoid huge puddles! It was kinda cool actually! It all subsided as fast as it collected so that was okay!
Bit of excitement for the day!