Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now for Jacob's Family Birthday Party!!!!!!

To continue on with the football theme of Jacob's friend party earlier on in the day, Jacob had a family footy dinner to celebrate his birthday. Here are Charlotte, Megan and Hannah - never too far from food!
 Uncle Seth and his cheer squad - Uncle Seth goes for the Bombers!
 The dessert spread!!
 Uncle Steven - totally getting into the spirit of things with his 80'2 retro footy get up. Nice legs Stevie! They don't wear shorts THAT! short anymore!
 Auntie Lauren's take on the footy theme with her Liverpool footy jersy. It's not football Lauren - it's soccer! xoxoxox
Hello ladies - From back left - Tara, family friend Kelly (Collingwood supporter), Courtney (poser!), Lauren, Morgan and Sarah - doing our footy photo.

 Now the boys do their footy photo - Seth, Steven, Shannon, Simon, Scott, Jason, in front Jacob and Poppy David!
 Heaps of people tell tell us that we look alike - even Facebook groups our faces together in the tagging program. One of my better shots and well Meg just looks great all the time! Hurry up and have 4 kids Meg!
 Proudly showing off the guernsy that I fit into when I was 17 years old! Still fits but a bit more snug!
 The proud parents!!!!!! My spunky hunky husband and I lookin fabulous!

 Time for games and presents!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jacob's birthday party!!!!

Jacob had a few of his friends from school over to my mum's house for a footy party this month. As you can see Jacob and his cousins all go for Melbourne Demons! I had mum, Tara and Scott helping me as they all love the footy! Although Scott did say we had had our quota of Collingwood supporters come. So Jacob's friends came dressed in their favourite footy team colours and we had games, tasty footy food, games and heaps of pressies!
 Jacob and his friends line up to pin the footy between the goal posts!

 Charlotte has a go!!!!
 Present time! Look at that army of Demon supporters!!!!!

 Tara did an amazing job of the footy oval cake. The lolly buffet. I'm a bit of a fan these days!

 Uncle Scotty with Jacob's friends - 'Kick it to me!!!
 The budding birthday boy! Look at that toothless grin!
Happy birthday mate!!!!!!