Monday, December 19, 2011

Another year at Road to Bethlehem!

This year we had the privilidge again of going to Road to Bethlehem performance! Unfortunately the only tickets were for Brooklyn's birthday night, so we brought along a cake to celebrate while we were waiting to go through the gates. Road to Bethlem is a fantastic life size production of the the week leading up to the Saviour's birth. The kids get to see the roleplays, scenes, farm animals and phsyically go on the road to Bethlehem. It is amazing, run by the Seventh Day Adventists for the whole community. This year is my (sarah's) 15th visit and am so lucky that I can share this with Jason and the kids!
Waiting to go through the gates - of course Uncles Simon and Scott muck around with Balloon twists. There was also face painting, crafts, DVD's to watch, abseiling walls, climbing frames and music performed while we all waited.
Scoot gives his balloon flower to Tara!

Brooklyn's beautiful face painted!
Jason and James crack some jokes while waiting!
Mum, Lauren and Lauren's mum Vicki waiting patiently!
Jacob's shark face painting!

Jordan's Baby Blessing......

 Jordan's immediate family tree - uncles and poppy's galore on both sides.
 The happy family. Courtney, Steven and Jordan.
 On big happy family.
 Adams girls.....
 My gorgeous boy tucks into the food.......
 Charlotte waiting for her turn on the flying fox at the park.....
 and off she goes!!!!!
 The celebratory lunch spread!

 James tries to help Uncle Seth and Nanny Susie to blow out their birthday candles as well. Was a big afternoon!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Carolling in Mooroolbark

 Nanny and Poppy and Morgan and Seth come out to support Brooklyn as her school choir performs again at the community Carols by Candlelight concert again this year! The weather was a little fresh and we enjoyed a picnic dinner of Fish and Chips, perfect.
 Setting up before the school children arrive., enjoying dinner.

 Proud supporters all around...................

 Brooklyn and her choir get ready to perform.
 Our tall baby in the back row!
 Dancing along to some christmas carols!!!!!

 Morgan finding ways to entertain herself while waiting for Brooklyn to come on!

 Nanny. Mum and Auntie Meg (never mind Daddy's background gestures!)
 Still trying to entertain ourselves whilst waiting for the show!!!!!

Charlotte had had enough by the end of the night we think!
Merry Christmas!

Our Ward Christmas Party

 Mum and a lovely team of ladies threw another awesome Ward Christmas Party 2 weeks ago. We brought our camp chairs and picnic rugs and had heaps of fun in the chapel gardens! We has facepainting, jumping castles, kids crafts, games and even Santa rocked up with lollies for everyone! On top of all that, the food was wonderful, BBQ meats, yummy salads and icecream sundaes for everyone!
 Charlotte and Sarah show off our cute facepainting.
 Poppy David with Megan and Cahrlotte enjoying some BBQ dinner.
 The good thing about the moon chair that Jason got me for my birthday was that there is always room for everyone to snuggle in and cuddle with mum!
 Stealing some yummy chocolate cake and icecream sundae.......
 Josh and James enjoy the sun and the crowds............
 How blue are those eyes!!!!!!!
 I love this picture.......Mum and Jason smiling together in the same shot! It's a christmas miracle!!!!! Mum was run off her feet in the kitchen and Jason got the boys busy with set up and clean up. They did a great job behind the scenes and Jason was run off his feet talking to lots of people and new faces. He's a great EQ president, always working.
 SANTA visits with Jacob.......
 and Brooklyn...
 and Charlotte..............
 and James........he's not that much of a fan just yet!
 The kids and their christmas crafts, making wreaths!
 Brooklyn paints my christmas tree!
 A beautiful day for christmas crafts and fun!
 The YW's president is kept busy all day!
 Charlotte and Madison wait in line to visit with Santa.
Merry Christmas from Australia everyone!