Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jacob's class party at Ace Space playcentre!!!!

Being pregnant with number 4, I was really not in the right frame of mind (putting it mildly!!!) to have lots of small children running around my small house so I opted for the local play centre where Jacob has always wanted to have a birthday party. Jacob invited a select few of his friends and that was the end of my organisation! It was fantastic. I didn't have to do a thing. All the food and drinks came out for everyone, they had a big ice cream cake to celebrate and even put together lolly bags for the kids.

Jacob up there somewhere!

Jacob and his friends hit the playground!

You know sometimes it is worth paying for convienience. As it turns out, I spent the night and next day in complete agony as my belly began to cramp like I had never felt. It turns out it was my belly ligaments beginning to stretch and expand. No one told me until they had finished that they get progressively worse with each child, coming from one of my friends - (a mother of 5 children.) Glad I didn't have a house to clean after a children's party!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Like Father, Like Son! A service for Poppy!

We've been working hard over the last month or so helping my Dad try and rebuild his shed. Termite ridden, 2 walls have had to come down and now we are leveling out dirt, shovelling gravel and getting ready to pour a concrete slab. The best part is that on this particular day Jacob wanted to miss swimming lesson's and help the 'boys' to do the boy work! Jason's boss had given him a small work shirt that was too small to fit anyone and so I washed it, put it through the dryer and voila, we have a mini me - just like Daddy. Here's a picture of Daddy in his work shirt.....
....and here is Jacob, complete with work boots, hat and his own wheelbarrow!

Jaacob helping the elder's shovel the gravel!.

Couldn't resist taking a photo, I managed to miss getting a photo of the two of them together though! It was sooo cute!

Autumn has finally arrived!

These beautiful shots came one day from the front of my mother's house where she looks after Charlotte and her cousins during the day a couple of days per week! Poppy had spent a few minutes blowing all the beautiful elm leaves into a massive pile to be put into compost when Nanny and the girls could barely refuse the temptation to do what we all know we want to do! - Have a massive leaf fight! Charlotte, Madison and Megan enjoy some nice Autumn sun!
Hope it didn't take too long to rake up as Charlotte took seconds to throw them in the air!
Clearly Maya is not that thrilled, maybe a little close to the action! Happy Autumn everyone!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some more pics of summer fun at the beach! (In April)

There were several trips to the beach during our trip! Here are the highlights!

All Charlotte wanted to do was let go of Daddy's hand as they went into the surf! I had to palm off the camera so I could stop her!

Safer here on the beach!!!!

Jacob and Madison

Daddy get's busy burying the kids up to their waists.

Baywatch Babes! Eat your heart out. Look at all that.....muscle!!!! Of course my Babywatch babe looks Spectacular!!! xoxo

Uncles Simon, Steven and Scott !