Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Stake Ball!

It's time for Stake Conference again this year and what better way to kick off a weekend of meetings and talks than with our annual Stake Ball. My parents were on the committee this year to help organise the event which was fantastic. My hubby even got up to dance with me at one point. This is one of those dates I was telling you about. (See previous blog)

Happy 8th Anniversary Honey!

Well alot has been happening in our little part of the world and to make a long story short I completely forgot about my wedding anniversay. But how suporised was I to find that after I had worked all day, picked up the kids from Afterschool care and my Mum's house, to get home and find this nice surprise on our kitchen table. My beautiful hubby had bought me 8 of my favourite chocolate bars (Whip - just like a 100 grand). He tells me 1 for every year of him being whipped! (by my love!!!). Topped off with one of the first roses of the season from our yard, some sparkling cider and some of his favourite chocolate ready for a great movie after the kids have gone to bed!!! Isn't he great!!!! I was speechless. So in tribute to my loving husband I'm going to start a new tag!
5 reasons why I love my husband to death!!!!!
1. He suprises me all the time with his small gestures of love. I always now how much he loves me with his notes, or flowers or getting my favourite chocolate treat!
2. He supports me to the ends of the earth with all the duties that are required to run a household and family. There's something definately sweet about a man who knows his way around a dishwasher, washing machine and a vacum cleaner!!!!
3. He would rather be at home with his wife and family than anywhere else, ever!
4. He always has time to spend with each of his children and even has time to take his gorgeous wife out on dates!!!
5. I love his strong testimony and how his faith is unshakable. I love how he leads this family and teaches true and eternal principles to his children. I love the example he is to his children and to his family. I look forward to a wonderful future and eternal happiness as we endure to the end.
Love you honey!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We've got eggs!!!!!

Well guess who's going to be the little farmer. Bright and early with the sun behind her, Brooklyn goes out to see if we have any news. She comes back to tell us that she saw a lot of chicken poo and... yes we have our first egg!

The kids are so excited by this whole experience. I just hope we can take care of them properly. It's so much fun hearing them cluck around their house. It feels like we're on a farm!

Meet the newest members of our family!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what finally came today. We've asked a friend of ours to breed some hens for us and the new leg horns were delivered today! Yeah!

Meet Henny!

And Penny!
We finally got our chickens this weekend and boy is it exciting. We've never had chickens before but our friend who gave them to us tells us that we are set up well.

They were a real hit! Charlotte was facinated. The chickens were almost as big as her.
We will let you know how they go!!!! Hopefully some eggs soon!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleeping Angels!

Cousinly hugs for Charlotte and her cousin Megan!
When all is said and done they are very close!! Aren't they cute! All worn out!

I apologise for not writing in a while, we have had a bit of a rough few weeks. All three of my babies have had asthma and have been really sick. It's school holidays here as well so we're a little bored! But to add to this.....

last week I had a friend of mine from young adults lose his wife to illness. I have been a part of my friends spiritual journey from when he was baptised at 18, he's our age and have remained friends over the years. He married a lovely girl in the temple and they have 2 beautiful boys the same ages as Brooklyn and Jacob!

This experience has been rough for Jason and myself, we are the Godparents to his (my friend) neice so we are very close to the family!

I just wanted to let you all know that we love you and that in particular we miss Jason's family! I pray for my friend's boys daily at the moment and cannot imagine life without my children, without providing that love, nurturing and guidance that a mother gives all throughout their life. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us and that He loves each and every one of us. You are all in our prayers!