Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cannot be think?!?!?

What a fantastic way for Charlotte to sleep. I was tucking the kids in the other night when Jason came across a very tired little girl all tucked in a ball.

Look at those little tucked in feet!!!! Cutie!!!

Charlotte's Birthday celebrations 2009

Charlotte's birthday! - July 13th 2009
Let's get this party started!

Well as you can imagine things here for the Adams family are pretty intense with the engagement party on the weekend, school holidays and a wedding to still plan. We did however find time to celebrate Charlotte's 3rd birthday at Mum's house. After changing the date 3 times to accommodate everyone, we finally had a great family home evening.

"MONEY" Charlotte screams........ Jason has a chuckle and makes a rude comment about women and their shopping habits!!!
Charlotte loves books and this book was bigger than she was!!!!

Jason makes his church standard assessments for a gift from Charlotte's aunties!

The precious, gorgeous and bueatiful birthday girl!!! Happy birthday Charlotte!

Just for you guys.......Mum and Dad

We had my parents dog come and stay with us for a few days whilst they were having some concrete layed at their house and here's what she got up too!................this is it! Molly usually has a friend in cat Pepper at my parents house so I think she might have been lonely but all Molly did for the 3 days was eat , poop, and stare at our chickens aalllllllll dddaaayyyy!!! Sometimes when the chickens came closer, she would whine as if to say "Let me in".

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July people!!!!!!!

Today was a great opportunity for all of us to gather around a hunky man from the USA and help celebrate America's independance. Really it was also a great excuse for a hot dog feast and bonfire in the backyard!

All the reli's came round for all you can eat hot dogs, Jason's own home made corn dogs, delicious treats and some good fun! Pity someone forgot to refill the sauce bottles (who would that have been! And both neighbours were either out or literally out of sauce too! What is with that! You call yourselves Australian and out of tomato sauce, the national condiment!)
Courtney waiting for the food, or probably guarding the food more like it until it's blessed. You know my family!

Dad and that hunky American, my beautiful hubby, guard the fire and try to keep warm! Middle of winter here remember!

Now it's time for sparklers! (fireworks are illegal in Victoria, however not so in Canberra or Tasmania! HHhhmmmm!!!!)

Brooklyn joins in the spirit!

Good thing these missionaries brought there jackets! Poor guys were a bit confused to celebrate 4th of July in icy temperatures and then melt during Christmas lunch here! But what can you do! Except rug up, build the biggest fire you can and celebrate!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A trip to Mont de Lancey

We decided to take a well earned break and get the girls together for a trip to historic Mont deLancey. This is a historic country homested about a half hours drive to fresh air and great views. Schools and groups are able to visit and see original blacksmiths, school house, chapel and gardens from 1882 farming in the Yarra Ranges. Every month there is also a beautiful farmers market that is an absolute treat.! We had a gorgeous lunch and had a great time exploring!

Orginal worker's quarters!

The manicured gardens acerage.

Family portrait under the 100 year old peppercorn tree!

Sitting on the steps of the 1880's pioneer house! All the bricks were made from hand right on site 120 years ago!

The old school house!

A wonderful morning!

Family working bee!

I suppose the good thing about having family live close by is that you can call on them to help in a Family Working Bee! - or free slave labour! Finally after 15 years of having us children tear the place apart, mum and dad are finally ripping off the aluminium cladding dow the side of the house expose beautiful vintage weather boards.
Unfortunately as you can see the family 'basketball ring and backboard had to come down! It was like the last 15 years of afterschool and weekend one on one competitions were just erased! We've always been a bit competitive. Good thing we've all moved onto table tennis - set up on the back deck! An ode to 15 years of family basketball!and any youth or YSA that was passing through! Down comes the old ring!
Now on with the remodelling! Crow bars, hammers and paint brushes all round!

You missed a spot honey! Hehe!!!

Courtney, Morgan and Steven, along with friend Kaz tackle the painting of Nana and Grumps's bungalow.

Good Job Boys! Dad, Jason and Scott continue to tackle the side.

Next working bee?!?!?!?!?!