Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grandparents Morning at Preschool

Jacob and his cousin Madison had Grandparents Day at kinder today. They had the opportunity to show off their work and their acheivements at kinder!

Nanny Suzie giving Madison a push on the swing.
Jacob at kinder showing off his skills! (3 year old preschool) Jacob and his cousins squish onto the tyre swing.

Jacob and charlotte with cousins Madison and Megan

Cousin Madison and my sister in law Tara

Poppy David builds a sandcastle with Madison and Jacob in the sandpit. Poppy stopped by in between his work commitments.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our new babies!!!!

These are our new babies! My class at kinder had a hatching program come to the preschool and we watched them hatch over 2 weeks. Then we got to take them home if we wanted! So here they are. I'm cleaning out their little house so Jason is baby sitting. In about 2 seconds they both have little 'accidents' on him so here's the lucky before shot! They're about 2 weeks old now!
They have to stay inside, in the laundry under a warm lamp, for about 6-8 more weeks before they can go be slowly introduced to their other friends outside!

So here's what we got up to before we came home!

Now if you read further down you will find out that my husband and mother were skimming rocks at Lake Eildon when we went to explore! This is the fantastic result. Bit of advice - nobody go within a hundred feet of my mum when she's "skimming rocks"!!!! She accidently forgot to let go of her rock and smacked Jason square in the side of the head!!!!!! No hard feelings though, I know mum you were really worried! She really does love her in-laws, I promise! I knew there was a reason for bringin the first aid kit - just wasn't expecting this scenerio!!!Jason laughs it off and tells people that he now knows what it's like to be stoned. He's officially been stoned! All's good, it healed nicely but I have to say he had a killer headache for about 2 days!!! Not surprised really!

What a pro! Brooklyn has taken to fishing like you wouldn't believe. We had to cast a couple more lines before we went home today! Charlotte and Jacob enjoyed skimming rocks, as did mum and Jason - what great examples they were!

This is Lake Eildon for all of you who don't know. You can see where the water levels have been before but currently are at 34% capacity. They are just about to tighten restrictions here in Melbourne again, no more watering of anything outside! Jason and I are looking into getting a water tank soon! I need to water my roses and he needs to water his veggies! Anywho, We went exploring and found this great lookout. This is where we usually go canoeing.Brooklyn has her first fishing lesson with Jason. She was fantastic, picked it up really easy and has found the perfect pink fishing rod she wants to buy for christmas - we'll see! This river is at the back of the camping group we were staying at!

Now she goes solo.

More Camping antics!

Charlotte takes her ruffled pillow everywhere, even camping. She loves to twirl the ruffle between her fingers. MMmmmm....get those marshmellows a cookin!

Daddy and Brooklyn around the campfire - the hat he's wearing was brought back from Cabelas by my sister in law Tara and he never takes it off. A toss up between the Freeport orange hat and this Cabela's hat! (You know he gets the Cabelas catalogues delivered out here to Australia!)

Poppy David and Cousin Madison have a chat around the campfire!

Jason does his best to light our fire - Go scouts!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Camping at Eildon!

We went camping again this year to the place that flooded us out last year and surprisingly the weather was fantastic. The mornings as you can see were freezing but once the sun was out, it was an awsome weekend.
Charlottes smooch face!! I love it!

Manor a la McDonalds! - at least we stayed dry this year!

Campsite number 2 - Mum and Dad's camper and the 'mess tent' - always popular when the foods around!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jason was suitable impressed when he went to collect the eggs the other day and he compared them to the other eggs. I don't know what happened but this last egg was a mammath one. The lid won't even shut on the container!!

Home grown goodness!!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

After a tough day at work for everyone, we managed to get together for an impromptdu celebration for Dad's birthday before we headed for camp! We had a lamingtons (Dad's favourite!) and party pies and sausage rolls are always a favourite. We all pitched in money for dad's new BBQ for the back deck - just in time for summer!!!!!
Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Brooklyn, Jacob, Dad, Charlotte and Morgan
Courtney and everyone

My grandparents, Lauren (Simon's wife), Jacob, Mum, brother Simon and Morgan!

Halloween's Coming!

We'll it's been a mad rush over the last few weeks here. We had a Halloween Party with our Primary children, a Halloween disco at my preschool, my Dad celebrated his birthday, Jason had night school and we also got ready for our camping trip this long weekend! I'm a little stressed! Anywho, here we are finally carving out our pumpkin for the front yard. We had to wait for them to be imported from the US as ours here have a tough, 3 inch thick skin - not good! It's always fun though and is the talk of our street when we don't really celebrate Halloween here properly!