Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our family day at the Melbourne Show!

We had an awsome opportunity to go to the Royal Melbourne Show this year. I had managed to win 2 family passes to the show so we took Scott and Tara and the girls to the show. We packed a picnic lunch to save more money and budgeted for a couple rides and the kids had been saving their pocket money for 4 weeks to get their choice of showbags. We came to see how expensive a day like this could be..... anyway let me tell you how great it was!
There was pavillion after pavillion of all kinds of farming animals that the kids could get up close and personal with. We saw show dogs, baby animals, alpachas, horse jumping, woodchopping competitions, cow milking, bees making honey, tractor rides, all sorts of things bringing the country to the city. We had the traditional corn dogs, hot jam donuts and couldn't stomach the fairy floss. There was singing, kids shows and a long line to the toilets!!!!!!!!!
Farmer Jacob!
This was Charlotte's favourite animal - the alpacha's so she took her own photo from her height. The animals were all the same size if not bigger than her and sooo soft.
these exhibits were followed closely by some rides, jumping castles and alot of noise. Here Jacob had to pull and Brooklyn pushed Charlotte up to reach the top of the castle.

Here is Jason and the kids in the massive ferreswheel that overlooked the whole showgrounds, pretty much you could see most of Melbourne as well. It was absolutely massive. You can see Melbourne city in the distant background there.

A family shot, clearly I went on no rides with the size of my belly but we all had a fabulous time.

The big slides were a favourite........... here are some close up shots!

After all this fun, the kids got to spend their hard earned pocket money at the Showbag pavillion. Once Jacob worked out he could walk away with 1 toy bag or 3 chocolate novelty bags, I think he made the sensible choice. We were only there a few hours but we were all exhausted!
We had a fabulous day that I'm sure the kids and their cousin's will all remember for quite a while. Now home so Tara and I can put our feet up!

Our annual celebratory Wedding anniversary dinner!

We were lucky enough to all go out for dinner together last week to our favourite restaurant, american diner Misty's. We decided last year that we (my brother's and sisters and spouses) would all go out for an annual celebration of married life within the Adams/ Handley/ McDonald families. Unfortunately I haven't got any pics of Tara and Lauren but trust me they were there. Courtney and Steven joined us this year as they are about to celebrate their 1 year anniversary - Yeah! The rest of us had an awsome time contiplating married and family life over the last year and the challenges and joys that it has brought us all, together and individually. Enjoying our Texas Brownie with ice-cream, whipped cream and fudge sauce!
Not a flattering shot I know but the burgers were so good!

Simon and Steven enjoy one of the best milkshakes they have ever tasted.

Brother Scott, Sister Courtney and Brother Simon.
It was wonderful to reflect on the blessings we have in our lives and how much fun we all still seem to have together.
Never get tired of going there! The food was fantastic and we were sufficiently entertained. Even though we collected a parking ticket on the ride home! Can't win them all can you!

Charlotte's sleeping?

Charlotte tends to sleep in places and positions just like her father. Jason has the uncanny ability of falling asleep wherever he can find a spot to rest. Let's just say that Charlotte is following in his footsteps. Here is Charlotte - I was checking some emails on the computer and Charlotte will often climb up, lay across my lap and ask for a back scratch. This usually means she's tired, but today, she actually fell asleep over my lap. Her hands are dangling on the otherside and I couldn't move anywhere because of my rather large belly right now. I'm pretty jelous actually. I wish I could sleep wherever I dropped right now. Isn't she gorgeous!

Jason tries to teach Brooklyn to chop wood!.........

One night after school, Jason and the kids decided to clean up the backyard. Now coz it's winter, this can't be done without a bonfire apparantly so Jason decided to teach Brooklyn how to chop some firewood. She's my delicate little flower and let's just say that if you need Brooklyn to build you a fire in a hurry, pack a warmer jacket!

Giving it a big swing! She put in a decent effort!

Not too sure if I would stand within a 10 foot radius if I were you.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our visit with the Cocky's and Rosellas.....

Today Courtney had the day off work, so she decided to take Charlotte, Megan and myself for a drive to the hills to visit some wonderful cockatoos, galahs and rosellas that live to be fed here at a local devonshire tea room in the mountain ranges about half an hour from our house. It was a gorgeous day - the forest was green, the surroundings were beautiful and if we had more time we could have gone for a great nature walk.

Here's my new friend. Let me tell you the claws are sharp. He kept sliding off my shoulder and exposing me!?!?! Next time will remember to wear a proper jacket and maybe a scarf!

Even the rosellas were friendly. The cockatoos were absolutely massive and were quite heavy.

Charlotte was not sure at all about these massive birds. All she wanted was a little Rosella but everytime she put her hand out she got a massive cockatoo.

Too close for comfort

Have a look at the face as one of the cockatoos takes flight off her shoulder!

It's all too much and too close!

Finally Charlotte warmed up enough to touch one. He was sitting on my leg and not hers! All in all a great visit was had by all. There was a great tea room attached where we could have had some great scones or some chips. There was also a great picnic area and heaps of walking tracks nearby. We will definately bring the rest of the fam back for a picnic.