Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here comes HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Well it's that time of year again and with the weather being so mild we had to wait until last minute to carve our family pumpkin. Otherwise he begins to droop - hahaha!
Jacob chose the design this year and could not wait to get started.
Daddy's little helpers.

Jason- drying out the seeds. He's going to try and plant them for next season!

Ta-Daaa! And with the candle inside!

Happy Halloween everyone!

More Pics of James.....

Chilling in the bath

Eager brothers and sisters.

The boys....

Charlotte loves her brother.


James' First Bath.....

Daddy always gets the honour of bathing the kids. It's his special time with them. Besides I'm petrified to bath them as infants!
Even though James hates being naked, he loves a nice warm bath.....
He especially loves to be swimming on his stomach. Quiet the whole time.


The McDonald Family would like to welcome it's newest member - JAMES WILLIAM MCDONALD. A week ahead of scheduale, James made a rather hasty 3 hour journey into the world and has been loved by the 3 ringed circus that is our fabulous families ever since.
James arrived on Thursday 14th October (our 10th wedding anniversary!!!!!! which seems to pale in significance by the way!) at 11.40pm. My contractions began as I was watching Criminal Minds at 8:30pm and then it was all go.
James arrived weighing in at 8 pound 8 ounces, 50.5cm long with deep blue eyes and a thin shot of red hair - what else really!

As you can see everyone is thrilled!