Sunday, December 26, 2010

McDonald Family Christmas 2010

I know I've loaded these photos in reverse but here is what the McDonald family got up to christmas morning.
 Wow, we've finally joined the Wii revolution and got a Wii for the family this christmas. The kids really like the bowling game so far!
 Daddy asembling the Wii

 Jacob enjoys his christmas stash in his room......Charlotte enjoys her new Leapster game!

 Jay gets a visit from Santa!

 .....even James got some great presents from Santa!

 .......Charlotte searches her sack for everything she can find!

 Merry Christmas!

 Charlotte and her new bike!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Brooklyn scores for her birthday......

 Brroklyn is starting to get into jewellery so this year Brooklyn was lucky enough to start her collection with some great bangles and this owl necklace!~
Finally Brooklyn get's her Ipod for her birthday!!!

Some Christmas festivities.....

 Daddy and his boy chill after work one day. James' beautiful smile!!!!
 Brooklyn's school choir sang again at the Mooroolbark Carol's by Candelight! Here we are with Brooklyn's best friend.

Here Charlotte supports Bee and waves her candle around singing to the carols.
           Brooklyn and her class friends pose after the choir finishes.

 Charlotte enjoys another cuddle with her brother. She loves to hold him all the time!

 Daddy finds it fun to push his ears forward because he looks like an elf!
 the kids enjoyed making some christmas craft tree place settings that they put out at dinner time.

 This year we also finnay got organised to make some christmas treats for our friends and neighbours.
 The kids decorated glad containers with some christmas paper...........

 ............we baked some truffles, mashmellow puddings and what we call here 'white christmas treats' which is basically like a white rice crispie with white chocolate, cherries and fruit.

 We packed them into boxes and then did our secret santa deliveries!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy Belated Thanks giving everyone!!!! Here's how we celebrated!

 Thanksgiving was celebrated at Mum's house this year with 40 of our nearest and dearest family and friends. Jason once again cooked a massive stella turkey and the kids even helped make the oreo turkey's used as the place settings.

 All decorated!

 Our festive turkeys

 The kids enjoying Thanksgiving
 Jason get's the honours after sharing how greatful we all are for this wonderful family tradtion of Jason's to be extended to his aussie relatives!