Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nerd alert! My techno-savy preschoolers...............

This is what they mean when you have a family sitting right next to each other yet failing to communicate with each other? Lately as it's been wet and cold, we have found a new interest in Leapster's. Jacob and Charlotte know excatly what they're doing, I don't!!!

Aren't they cute!!!!!!

Charlotte takes a rest..............

I think madame here thinks she own's the place!!!!!
We're just a little jelous not to get a ly down whenever we want!!!

Brooklyn's catching the spring planting fever.....

What else can you do on a beautiful spring like morning but go out to the garden. Brooklyn was so excited when Daddy bought her her first bulb, gladioli's, to plant in the garden. She actually wanted to plant it in Daddy's garden with his vegtable so we made a spot and she got to work!

Brooklyn read the instructions and found out that she needed a 10 cm hole and then went from there!

Gardeners unite!

Lets see how it grows shall we?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Night at the Hoewdown!!!

We had a fantastic ward activity on Saturday night. A Ward Country Hoedown and Fair! My mum is Activites Chair person and along with her great team of helpers, managed to create an unbeleivable activity. There would have been about 120-130 people and many even adventured out to dress the part! I'm so ticked off that we didn't take a family photo before we left. We all looked great! There were games, competitions, line dancing, taste testings, bush dancing and plenty of food! Something for everyone!

Some of the greates taste testing with some beautiful jams and preserves! I got all the recipes! Yeh!

Badge Toss - Same as a coin toss

Bowling in the foyer!!!!

The HotDog Stand! Jason made about 60 of his famous corn dogs! One of his Cubs asked me twice when "Kenue", Jason's cub name - (meaning bald eagle!) was coming because he was making him some corn dogs! They loved them. I didn't even get one!

Tin Cans to knock down!

Jacob does some fishing!!!

Here are some of our ward getting groovy with a bit of a barn dance. Followed by a go at line dancing to old Cotton Eye Joe!

Brooklyn brought a firend from school with her!. They won the best dressed cowgirls - a block of chocolate! They got sick of their hats by the end of the night, they are hanging back around their necks!

I'm over in the far corner here, with my mum and Courtney holding little Maya! Enjoying a good Nutbush city limits!

Charlotte and I break out with a bit of a barn dance! She was a trooper!
Notice how Jason never managed to get his photo taken but let me tell you he was dressed to the nines with his flannel shirt, farmers hat and his rugged work boots! He was ready to round up the cattle himself!

This is what happens when Daddy get's a hold of a brush!!!!!!!

I know you can't see it very well! He looked like he had stuck his head into a power socket!

Brooklyn makes dessert for us tonight................

Brooklyn was desperate to make a fruit salad at some stage this weekend so here it is. Brooklyn cut up each of these fruits by herself and wanted to share with everyone her healthy and fresh fruit salad for sweets! Good job Brooklyn! It was very yummy!

Attack of the dreaded Headlice....................

I had to pick up Brooklyn from school this week for having headlice. When I arrived to pick her up, there were another 13 girls in the foyer waiting for parents. Brooklyn told me that her friends had already gone home. Here I was thinking I might get away with not having to treat her this year! Each winter she has had to come home with the same thing. And let me tell you it's a myth that they only like dirty hair because Brooklyn's hair is soooo thick that we wash it 3 times a week!
Anywho, so off we went to treat my whole family! Luckaly I was at my mum's house when the school rang and mum was happy to volunteer to help me treat the army! Thankyou mum!!!!!!
Nothing like a bit of gladwrap to keep your head warm. We're professionals here.

Arn't they beautiful.

I guess until these little critters attack next winter, that's all I need to say!

Jeckel and Hyde.............

Charlotte's smooch face.....................
Charlotte's cranky face..........................

Moving Simon and Lauren

My brother and his wife Lauren have finally moved into their new house around the corner from us this week and boy have we been busy! They have been living at Mum and Dad's for about 2 years now and I bet they are over the moon about having their own place! So let's introduce the team of workers...........
My handsome brother's?!?!?!?! Scott and Simon!
The kids were kept in the laundry while eating their icecream! No chairs or table yet!!! Don't tell Human Services!!! HEHEHEHEHE!

Charlotte and I. Uncle Simon was using the belt sander on the roof and Charlotte was not really impressed!
Don't tell Human Services but your never too young to earn your keep as Jacob and Madison are finding out!!!!!!!!! Brooklyn's a bit slow on the uptake! HEHE! Prefering to lay in the sun!

Simon sands the ceiling smooth. I tell you there was some interesting decorating going on in this house!

Jason filled some holes in the ceiling!

Lauren and her sister Courtney Omera continue to attack that pesky wall paper!

What else do you do when there are no toys and all the adults are busy working?!?!?!

There were some beautiful wallpaper filled walls that required imediate attention! Here's the team from Lauren's family!

This is Simon and Lauren's granny flat out the back. Courtney and Steven will be moving in here when they get married. There's a long road ahead wouldn't you say?!?!?!?!?! Good luck guys!