Tuesday, July 19, 2011

 Happy 4Th of July everyone.
We had a little shindig at Mum's place after work on the 4th. It was fabulous. We had the usual hotdogs, salads, sweets and 'sparklers' - fireworks are illegal here!
 Jason and Jacob!
 Tara made some gorgeous pom poms to go with the theme. If you look closely she also made a white cupcake pom pom that has reeses peanut butter cups in the middle as a present for Jay! It was awesome!

 Uncles Scott and Simon hoeing into the food!
 Charlotte with a glowing Courtney!
 Simon enjoying Jason's homemade corndogs! He makes a mean corn dog! Tiana (Seth's (Morgan's husband!) little sister) also enjoys a feast!

 Charlotte shows off her sparkler skills!
 Courtney and Steven and Nanny Susie enjoy the fun!
 Brooklyn attempting to write her name in the air with the sparkler!
 I don't know why but we had a yummy cake made by Tara to mark the celebration!