Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sarah graduates from Uni!

I never seem to understand why it takes so long to receive your official paper work and degree after you finish university. Anyway, I finished my degree in Early Childhood Education in December last year and have finally received my actual degree from my graduation ceremony that was held in May. As I was studying by correspondence, I didn't actually go to the ceremony. The uni is in Bathurst, NSW, so would have taken about 8 hours to drive to for the weekend. So unfortunately no cap and gown! Never mind. I am now doing my graduate degree part time and will be finished in 2009, so we are planning to travel for that ceremony and take some important photos. I want to set a good example for the kids by investing in my education, put the pics on the wall with my degree in the study. Just like Jason's mission photos clearly reflect his accomplishments in that regard. So we'll see how we go!

That's me!!!!Yeah!!!!! It's only taken me 5 years of part time study whilst raising the kids to finish my work. I would not recommend trying to do it this way at all. If I could do it all over again I would have stayed at uni after graduating high school, rather than working; but on the other hand working in children's services allowed me to find a career path I truly desired to follow. Here's to the future!

Chuckles and Giggles the Clowns!

As part of the family day care program that Mum works for, the carers and children in the area had the chance to see Chuckles and Giggles clown act at the local community centre. These two clowns were great, with plenty of jokes and lots of fun. I went along with Mum and we took both Charlotte and Jacob as well as cousins Madison and Megan (my brothers children).

The show went for about 45 minutes and surprisingly kept everyones attention. I love this action shot of Jacob. He laughed himself silly with all the practical jokes.
Nanny Susie and Charlotte enjoy the show

Now for the life of me I have no idea how this trick worked. The clown put 2 tissues into a metal camping sauspan, pushed the lid on and when she opened the lid, out came 2 white doves!!

Let's get cooking!

While shopping one week, we managed to find some fantastic disposable chefs hats and aprons in some fantastic colours. Over the last few months, nanny Susie had been collecting some plastic food and containers and today we decided to cook up a storm. Cousin's Madison and Megan were also on hand to share in the fun. They looked so cute that we folded everything up and kept it all for next time!

Aren't they cute!


We had lunch with my family for Jacob's birthday.

Jacob eagerly awaits his birthday gifts from his grandparents, aunties and uncles.
We went for an ice cream cake this year to feed everyone and Jacob's eyes almost popped out of his head.
Cousin Madison watches over eagerly as Jacob blows out his candles and then.... get's to work opening his presents. Again Thomas the Tank Engine was a big hit. with everything from Thomas pjyamas to tracks to jackets and lunch boxes. everything was Thomas the Tank Engine.

Nanny Susie even made her homemade Thomas the Tank Engine birthday card!
My gorgeous boy. He's growing up too fast!

Uncle Scott already into the food. He loves his ribbon bread!

My beautiful baby sister, Morgan and me with a mouthful of food! Lovely!

Sorry these are so late being posted. As you guys now I have had some major back struggles that have seen me with 6 weeks off work and not being able to sit in a computer chair. I have since fully recovered, am back at work and ready to go so I'm trying to catch up on the last 2 months worth of photos.

Jacob turns 4!

Happy Birthday morning to our beautiful little boy who turned 4 last month.

Brooklyn loved to help him open his presents. As you'll see Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine were the favourites this year!

He now has enough track to fill most of the lounge room now!

His pride and joy - his Thomas collection, or just a part of it!