Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Ward's pioneer adventure!

Last week we had a great ward activity that Primary (me!) and Activities committe (mum and her team!) put on together. We celebrated all things pioneer. We all got dressed up in our gear and felt what it might be like to be a pioneer for a few hours. We played pioneer games, we made rope, jewellery, we made butter and finished this all off with some old fashioned soups, breads and sweet pies. There was something for everyone as you will see!

Jacob and Charlotte try their hand at rope making.

Brooklyn and her cousins!

The boys in action -Jason, Dad and Steven! We tried to make butter just like the pioneers would have by using some thickened cream (they probably would have used the cream ontop of milk!) and shook it in small baby food jars for about 10 minutes. Let's just say we had some sucesses and we also had some people say they would have just dipped their bread in broth! Come on, where's the spirit!

Mum and I .....

Brooklyn and her friend Temperance dress the part and had a great time!

Jacob, (my little Indiana Jones!) trys his hand at the butter making!

The happy couple, the very pregnant pioneer lady eagerly awaiting their next adventure! I pity the poor pioneer mums who had to be that pregnant whilst travelling. I could barely last 3 hours of watching my children all over the rec hall at the chapel!

Jacob and cousin Megan decorate their own ginger biscuits!

Brooklyn makes herself a weaved bracelet!

Jacob and his Primary friends throw 'Buffalo Chips' that Jason made out of polyfiller and painted this nice shade of 'poop' brown into the dutch oven! There was also sack races, 3 legged races and more but I didn't have the camera! Jason made the fake fire that's buring in the background, I'm very proud of my sparkie in training! He's always there to lend a hand and support his family and his ward!

Then onto the ever popular Pie Eating competition. Here we have Uncle Simon, Uncle Steven and Uncle Scott with the pie in his mouth. And below even Morgan gave it her best shot in the next round!

We played the game of stick pull which apparantly was Jospeh Smith's favourite game. Here is Courtney, Lauren and Steven giving it a go!!!!

All in all - a fabulous night for everyone! Go the pioneers!