Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Night Sundays........

 In celebration of Brooklyn's guitar recital, we decided to have a family night of home-made sundaes and a movie night. We bought some tri coloured ice-cream, sprinkles, M&M's, chocolate and caramel toppings, whipped cream and wafers and made the biggest sundaes that would fit into our special bowls.
 This was followed by a spooky kids Halloween movie and lots of laughs! It was great fun to spend some family time together after a month away from them!

Charlotte's 5th Birthday!

 We had Charlotte's 5th birthday party recently at Mum's house! She has wanted a Tangled Rapunzel party all year because with her long blonde hair, she has always said that she looks just like her!
So we had a gorgeous princess party with some of her CTR friends from church. Aunty Tara made our gorgeous tissue pom poms AND the gorgeous cake! What would we do without her!
 Rapunzel's tower.......
 Charlotte's favourite posters on her wall in her room............

 I had set up a craft activity for Charlotte and her friends to do whilst at the party. They made secret treasure boxes and colourful paper lanterns from the movie.
 Daddy and his boy.
 Charlotte and her friends sing Happy Birthday.

 Opening presents...........Happy Birthday Baby!

Some pics of the kids............

Winter is normally a slow time here for pics.....not alot has been happening lately!
Last week Jason went away for 3 days for work and so one morning after breakfast we decided to send some pictures to him! James gave us the perfect smile and brighten everyone's day!
James is on the move! We had to go and purchase a gate this week after James or 'Cyclone James' emptied a whole roll of toilet paper followed by the waste bin in the laundry! Our solution!
This was Daddy's wake up call this morning whilst getting ready for school! Our gorgeous little angels!