Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Love Spring!

Here are just acouple of pics of our roses garden in the front yard.

I love spring, all my hard work, cuts and scratches on their spikes pays off when full bloom starts around October November each year. I love looking out our front windows through to the garden.

This rose is called a Chicago. (no really!)

The gazzineas are also a sight when the sun is bright, they open really big. Pruning is hard work and you should see in winter they are nothing but twigs and frost, (no snow though, sadly ever). But it's worth it for the color we get in spring and summer.

A family affair...

Charlotte did very well for her first play with the halloween pumpkin, not scared at all. As much as Daddy teased. Don't think she wanted to get her hands dirty!

OUR FINISHED PRODUCT! What do you think?

Halloween 2007

Carving the Halloween Pumpkin!

Brooklyn watches intently as Daddy sketches the outline on the pumpkin.

Brooklyn begins the carving. As Daddy soon deiscovers, he needs to take over before the pumpkin has no face at all left.

MMMMMmmmm, scooping out the brains......

Brooklyn watches in disgust as the pumpkins head comes off and the innards are left.

Carving the pumpkin has become a whole family treat as Jacob helps Daddy scoop out more brains.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Brooklyn's swimming Lessons.

Brooklyn has just started her swimming lessons in the last couple of weeks and has taken like a duck to water. I feel bad that we haven't started them sooner. We spend Saturday mornings at the YMCA pool and get icecream on the way out.

This photo is cool. I borrowed my sisters underwater camera. Brooklyn has just learnt to duck dive into the water and pick stuff up off the bottom. She's loving it.

My baby's going to be the next Libby Lenton or Dawn Fraser!!!!....maybe

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jason's Cubs

Jason salutes his Cubs as they welcome him into the Pack.

Jason's other pack watches eagerly and are all so proud of their dad. Brooklyn has since joined Girl Guides of Australia since showing interest in what Daddy does at cubs every Thursday. It's all a go here.

Jason becomes invested as a Cub Leader

Thursday night was an exciting night for Jason (or Kenue as his pack call him) and his Cub Pack. He was finally invested into the #rd Wantirna LDS Cub Pack as an Assistant Leader and had practised his promise all day just so he could recite it for the boys.

Jason made his promise with his pack eagerly watching. Kenue is the name of the Warrior Eagle in the Jungle Book. (closest American animal name he could find, I think)

Jason was presented with all his badges from Hathi, including his Australian Flag badge, district badge, pack badge and Australian Scouting badge. I'm glad he knows how to sew. But I think I might do it for him if he's nice to me. Hehehe!

Akela presented him with his scarf and woggle. The cubs meet in the rec hall of the chapel and it was great for the kids to get to watch their dad at Cubs.

And he's ready to go......!!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This last weekend was certainly a busy one for Charlotte. She spent a lot of time with her big sister Brooklyn watching The Wiggles and Hi 5 to start with.....

These two are very close and as you can see are mesmerised by the DVD.

Charlotte has also just discovered that she can put all kinds of shoes on her hand and clap. She even walks across the floor with them on. That's my girl...

Later that day Charlotte decided to help Daddy in the greenhouse outside. It's hard work following Daddy and digging up everything he touches. Charlotte decided that the dirt tastes much better than the vegtables you grow in it. Enthusisam is all you need at this stage. One day .....

And at the end of a hard day of playing outside, digging in the greenhouse and watching The Wiggles, Charlotte enjoys a nice cold soda that she again pinched off her dad. Don't worry we don't usually skull soda with our children but the can is almost bigger than her and she managed quite well. All in a weekend for Charlotte.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Day out with Thomas

The kids were all mesmerised by the show. Everyone was quiet and the show went for actually 1 and a half hours but seemed really fast. It was fantastic. And the tickets were very reasonably priced so we could all go.
Here's Thomas!!
Even Charlotte was captured by the show.
Thomas at his festival as he saves the day!!!

Day out with Thomas

Welcome to our gig day out with Thomas the Tank Engine. We went into town to see the live Thomas the Tank Engine stage show. It was such an adventure. We went with my sister in law Tara and her children Madison and Megan. This billboard was the first thing you saw when you arrived in the arena.

Brooklyn is eagerly awaiting the start of the show Thomas and Firends. The performance was in the school holidays sos there were so many children all over the place. We had really good seats close to the front.

There wasn't much to do while we were waiting for the show to start except take photos and give lots of cuddles in the stands.

More cuddles!

A group shot with Madison getting ready for the load music by covering her ears and cuddling Nanny Susie! Not a great photo of Charlotte but we were all excited. Poor Daddy was stuck at work!

Tara's 30th Birthday Murder Mystery Party

We had a great Murder Mystery dinner party game for my sister in law's 30th birthday in September. the story was about launching new chocolates from a company and someone poisoned one of the chocolates. Jason played a rich American investor so we made him from Texas. He was so good at his role. He's even wearing a real cowboys hat from the states that Tara's dad bought whilst visiting. I am playing a 40- something "socialite" heiress to the company . Gosh it was fun.
Here are my parents, Sue and David on the right. Dad played a male model and mum played a female model, the face of the company! The girl on the left is Lauren my other sister in law and she played a writer. And our friend Holly in the middle is the fitness instructor. So cute.
Here is Jason again enjoying the company of my brother Simon, married to Lauren (before). Simon played Laurens assistant and did a great Clark Kent impression. Mark on the left played a Latin dance instructor. Smooth!
Here's the birthday girl! My sister in law Tara and husband my twin brother Scott. Scott played the chocolateir chef and Tara played the woman who died!
Brothers, who'd have them. They looked great! Scott was actually the killer and not one person got the right answer. I guessed Lauren the writer.!
Anyway, we ate ourselves stupid and had a great night.

Charlotte VS The 2-minute noodles

Charlotte has just begun her journey mastering the 2-minute noodles. She absoluteloves them but doesn't quite know how to handle them yet. At the moment she's just grabbing and shoving!! Makes for a great mess.

Suck that noodle Charlotte. You can forget how hard it is to keep the noodles in your mouth don't you!
Aaaahhh! Yummy, did it! Isn't she gorgeous.