Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Day at the beach.

Here is our great afternoon at the beach!. I keep forgetting that the photos load backwards so anyway!

Auntie Morgan and her boyfriend Seth help Brooklyn and Jacob build a sandcastle
Then it's time to jump all over it.

Charlotte absolutely loves the sand. To the point where she was basting herself like a turkey by rolling all over the sand from front to back. Cheeky!

Good thing your not sitting next to Jacob whilst he's building!!!! At least the lifesavers wern't watching!

Charlotte hits the surf.

Let's go have some fun. Brooklyn hasn't been to the beach since she was 2 years old. Charlotte never!
My beach babies.

Isn't she cute. She loved the water and the sand as you've seen!

Enjoy our first successful video post. My voice is not really that annoying trust me! It sounds so high. But we are just learning how to shrink, change and adapt video from the camera for our blog. Enjoy!

A Day at the Beach

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Bunny found us!

Well the Easter bunny managed to find us, even though the kids were a bit nervous that he wouldn't know where to go! We put baskets out at the end of each bunk and bed in the tent and WOW, he found us!!!!!!

Easter morning breakfast! Eggs and bacon plus pancakes and crumpets! What a feast.

Enjoying the Easter morning sun after breakfast!

What a smile!

What we get up to after dark!

We were lucky enough to have a few minutes to ourselves so we decided to take our bikes and go for a ride. This is the sunset we saw and decided to ride along the beach. A great time to sit and reflect on how lucky we actually are when we stop and think!

Riding on the beach is harder than you think!

Our new camping oven!

Jason got a new camp oven and cooktop for his birthday and let me tell you. We have never eaten so good on a camping trip. Here I am about to use it for the first time. I made blueberry muffins, a chocolate cake and a tomato pasta bake all whilst camping! It was great fun!

Our first walk on the beach!

Well it took us half the day to set up camp. Mum and Dad had their caravan and between my brothers and sisters we had 4 more tents. But once we had finished we went exploring and found the walkway through to the beach. Here are a few shots of what we saw!

Rolling up the pants to collect shells!