Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy your weeken where ever you are. Make sure you post some picks of your celebrations as will we!

Our day trip to Mansfield

Because it rained so much on the Saturday we decided to pack the kids up and go for a road trip. We drove to Mansfield, about 45 minutes away and managed to stumble onto a lovely community festival. It was so exciting and was a highlight of our camping trip.
The kids evened managed to have a lovely old fashioned horse and cart ride through the township of Mansfield. All we could here from the top of the carraige was "The Wheels on the Carraige go round and round, round and round, all through the town"

Brooklyn and Jacob found some fantastic treasures throguhout the day. Brooklyn followed her passion of painting and drawing to create a masterpeice she's holding above. A painted ceramic horses head to hang on her wall.
Jacob noticed a huge lollypop that was the shape of an old steam engine. He held that lollypop all afternoon.

Courtney and I thought why not get into the spirit of a festival with the kids and have our faces painted. Cute, don't you think?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

When it rains it pours...

Fun how it always seems to rain when you go camping. The entire state of Victoria was covered in rain on Saturday night and Sunday. Some coastal parts of Victoria had up to 200mls of rain in 24 hours (10 inches) Some areas had roads closed and camp grounds evacuated. Thankfully not that bad where we were in Eildon. Bad enough to have things float past our campsite like balls, toys and shoes. It was great. We madly tried to put a larger cover up over the site, but could not avoid the wading pools at the entrances to our tents. Luckily everything subsided overnight and the ground was back to normal in the morning.

The river Wild...

This is the river that ran behind the camping ground. We took some time to throw some stones and explore while we waited for Poppy and Uncle Scott to come along the river in the canoe.
The littleys had such fun in the rubber boat, thankfully we were atatched to a long rope and anchored to shore still.

The scenery is beautiful at Eildon but the river levels were very low.

A favourite mode of transport for some.

Camping at Lake Eildon

Welcome to the Adams/ McDonald annual camping trip. We camp about 2 hours from home at pretty much the only place left in Victoria that has water in the rivers. Have a look at our adventures! Jason and Sarah tented, along with Sarah's brothers Scott and his family, Simon and his wife and her sisters Courtney and Morgan. Sarah's parents camped in their trusty campervan. You'll notice that we create quite a set up.

Our Halloween Party

Here we all are at our ward Halloween Party. These are my neices Madison and Megan Adams. We don't usually have a party however this year our activities committe thought we could have some more fun!
Jacob getting wrapped as a mummy. Not too happy about it either.

Brooklyn in the front of the line in a red dress having heaps of fun.