Monday, July 26, 2010

Charlotte's 4th Birthday

We woke up to this gorgeous smiling face this morning, all bright and ready to party. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth would it? What else does a 4 year old need but her parents and brothers and isters showering her with gifts for her birthday?

I love the face she's pulling here. She likes to watch Brooklyn's Bratz movies so I found some Bratz Babies movies just for her!

Here is Charlottes magnificent birthday cake, individually pipped and glittered for the occasion. Let's just say there was not even a small peice left to take home.

Let the feast begin at Nanny's house. We had a wonderful family dinner after church on the Sunday to celebrate with everyone.

She was definitely very spoiled and loved by everyone.

Charlotte's celebrating went on throughout the week as she went to kinder and also had birthday cards arrive from America. It was like the longest birthday ever.

Some family portraits

We took advantage of a beautiful winters day a few months ago and had my Dad take some updated family snaps. The last photos we have are of when Charlotte was a baby! So we went to a local park and decided to experiment.

Brooklyn, Jacob and Charlotte monkey around in the trees.

We are indeed very blessed. We have beautiful, healthy children that love each other most of time. We are blessed with a comfortable home, the priesthood within the walls of our family and very blessed to have the gospel in our lives!

Charlotte's visit with the 'Postie'

Charlotte had a visit from the aussie postman or woman as it turned out this time at her kinder. She even got to have a go at sitting on the postie bike! Never one to shy away from adventure, have a look at her smile.

Charlotte is having a wonderful time at her preschool this year. It's wonderful to watch her grow and learn away from the home. Our kids, even at this young age are leading active and busy lifestyles. I almost need a secretary to remind me who has what, on which day and when! We'll get there. My minds a little slow right now! Preggo brain and all!

What we've been doing over the last few months!!!!

Charlotte has been spending a bit of time with Daddy lately. Today as Daddy apprentice, Charlotte was put to work cleaning out the chicken house and then helping to wash Daddy's car!! All whilst wearing her beautiful ballet costume that she got for her birthday!

Isn't she beautiful?!?!?!?!?!

Daddy and the lids enjoy a quiet sleep over in the lounge room on the sofa bed. Brooklyn had a sleepover at her auntie's house and the other 2 enjoyed a movie and popcorn with Daddy!

Brooklyn and Jacob enjoyed an Australian day at school last term to celebrate their Australian studies and also to celebrate the World Cup. The kids showed their Australian pride as they dressed in green and gold for the day!

Go Australia! Even though we were even wiped out of the Cup before America! Better luck next cup Socceroos!

Brooklyn then followed this dress up day with an Asian Day at school for her class. She's been studying the Australian Gold rush and Chinese immigration during that time period. Brooklyn had a nice asian lunch and went for a visit to Sovereign Hill, which is in the area where the gold rush was many moons ago! It was a great few weeks for her!

Brooklyn also enjoys wearing her glasses that she got last month to help her see the whiteboard and to help her with reading.

More to come shortly!