Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jacob's first slinic at the local Ausjick club!

Jacob has joined up to play football on a Saturday morning with some of his school friends. The clinics are fantastic. He learns some footy drills and skills and then gets to play in a short game at the end! It was a gorgeous autumn morning and Jacob was so excited!
Jacob's at the front catching a hand ball!

For his first clinic, Jacob has great hand/ eye co-ordination and agility! I think he'll be a natural! But then again I am bias aren't I!!!!!!
Jacob learns the great art of tackling the dummy!
Go Jacob - that's him No. 26
Tackling for the ball.
Forever the camera man - what a cutie. He loves having his photo taken!

My champion!

James's tasty new treats!!!!!

I'm not sure if he actually does like it but Jason has decided to expand James food palate by introducing him to dill cucumbers!!!!

Yeh or Neh!
Love that smile!
Here, I gave James his first wafer finger to try!
MMMmmmmmm yum!

Partners in crime I tell you! My angels!