Friday, May 2, 2008

The closest thing to winter snow!!

I know it's said but unless we drive for about 2 hours to the mountains this is the closest we get to snow. We had a fantastic hail storm yesterday and the kids thought it was fantastic. It looked like it was snowing!
I'm also so pleased to tell you that Jason has sucessfully taught all the children to throw handfuls of it at the car! NOT! He says he used to throw them at the old van at home cause it made a great noise!!! Anyway these just splattered everywhere and the kids laughed histerically!

Jaocb and his cousins Megan and Madison wait patiently through the window!

Well winter's on the way!

Parental advice!!

A little bit of Advice: Do not leave children unattended when there is popcorn involved! Charlotte jus casually watches TV!

We were picking out popcorn for ages!

Charlotte found brooklyn's goggles!

Charlotte had been quietly going through Brooklyn's swimming bag while she was at school and came down to show me. "Swminin" she says

Peek a boo!!

It's harvest time

Well here the finished product. I'm never going to get this right. I keep forgeting to upload the photos backwards. Anyway you'll have to scroll down and see Jason in action. He is so excited to get busy with his home grown vegis.

How's this for showing off now!HAHA!! No we love it really. Jason loves to make fresh home made bread as well in the bread maker! Makes for a great weekend dinner or lunch!

Jason pumpkin beds after harvest. Pumpkins, Rockmelons and a single water melon that he accidently stepped on whilst harvesting and got so ticked off!

Jason had a bumper crop this year from his pumpkins as you can see. We grew butternut pumpkins and all did extremely well.

All in all their were 17 in total. We also got 3 rockmelons and 1 watermelon. We are slowly working our way through them and giving some away as well.
Jason found a fantastic pumpkin soup recipe on the internet and has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen using his own pumkins and potatoes.

Isn't he clever.