Monday, February 8, 2010

I just want to let you all know that Jason has found a great new job! He has been doing an electrical pre-apprentice course last year and has finally been offered a great new job as an electrical apprentice with a local electrical contractor.
So Jason is absolutely thrilled and has loved his first week. Finger's crossed, he is on his way to a great career.
I definately know that blessings do come after the trial of our faith.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Charlotte and Megan's big day at Kinder!!!

Look out world!!! Megan and Charlotte have started Kinder. It was all smiles as we waited to go inside for our first kinder sessions without mums.
Nanny has seen all the grandchildren head off to kinder and was their again to see her last two leave the nest!
Best BudS!!!
Anxiously waiting to go in!
And away we go! Charlotte heads straight to the art easles.
What do you think????
I had to make sure that I apo;igised in advance to their teacher for the forces of nature arriving at kinder. Charlotte and Megan are going to have a blast!!!

Charlotte starts 3 year old Kinder this week!

It was Charlottes turn to have her first day at Kinder this week. She has watched patiently since she was born, her siblings going off to kinder and school. And the smile was infectious. She had been counting down the sleeps for over a week. I even had to organise distractions as she waved goodbye to Jacob.
My girls!!!!!
Daddy was very proud to watch his baby go off into the big world.
She will always be my baby - she's too little to go to kinder - well apparently not! She was so ready!
Here she comes big bright world!!!

Jacob's First Day at School...........

We went over to drop Charlotte at Nanny's before school this morning and couldn't leave without taking some gorgeous shots.
Jacob's bag was almost bigger than he was. This particular day he had smiles from ear to ear as he told everyone he came across that he was a big school boy now!
A proud Nanny! Watches as her babies head off to school. Madison also started school this week so it was a big week in the lives of the grandchildren. Charlotte and Megan also start 3 year old preschool this week too! We'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Mammoth School Holiday Sleepover!!!!!

It was time for a giant sleepover these school holidays. Megan and Madison came for a sleepover that ended up being a fantastic night. Not the greatest shot but this is the mass cleaning of teeth before settling down for a movie.
Here are our angels. We got all the pillows and blankets we could find and lined the loungeroom floor with bodies.
Madison and Jacob
Megan and Charlotte - butter wouldn't melt in their mouthes.
And my first born Angel, Brooklyn! bags a couch!

Time to settle into sleep now......yeah right!!! You know we have a set of bunks in the other room that are empty right now? We all prefer to bunk in together wherever we can fit.

Goodnight everyone....see you next school holidays!!!!

Our Amazing Australia Day Adventures........Part1

Happy Australia Day everyone. A day where we celebrate the founding of Australia in 1788. Or basically a day off work where everyone gets together for a BBQ.
This year we decided to bunch together and have a picnic at Emerald lake. We arrived at about 10am and lets just say that within about 1 hour there were another 1000 people at the lake, all fighting for the perfect location.
But boy was it exciting. There were playgrounds, BBQs, paddleboats, swimming areas, historic Puffing Billy puffed into the station closeby. There were reptile animals, ice-creams and ball games. It was like a theme park!!!!!!

So here was our camp. Our huge picnic rug came in handy again - room for everyone. We brought camp chairs, books to read, balls to throw. It was great.
Me showing my patriotic spirit! There were Australian flags all over the park, even some T-shirts, thongs and Aussie tattoos!

Cannot get more patriotic than an Australian shaped hambuger, not sure what happened to Tasmainia though.

Jacob and Poppy David play Grip Ball.

Then it was time for the paddleboats.....

Jacob and Uncle Steven have a go at the paddleboats

One way to get around after all the walking, swimming and paddling we did.

More photos to come of swimming, retiles, model trains and Puffing Billy!
It was a fantastic Day!!!!

Jacob's Spiffy new boys room

Jason set to work last wee and totally revamped Jacob's room to create his own little 'manland' kind of thing! It looks fantastic and Jason worked so hard - giving me the easy jobs cause he wanted to do it himself.
We even painted bookcases, chest of drawers and windowsills.
Jacob loves it. The colours were very bold going onto the walls, but they dried in beautiful shades.