Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Neice Maya's Blessing May 2009

I just wanted to congratulate my beautiful sister Courtney on her engagement to the fabulous Steven Handley. They are so cute together and will have a fantastic future. Finally Jason has another male inlaw (non-Adams) he can relate to as well! Our family seems to grow even bigger every year. This year we gained both Maya and Steven!
These are my beautiful neices - Madison, Megan and little Maya! We all gathered for Maya's blessing and a grandeous photo shoot in the front gardens!

The Adams women unite!

A grand collection of Adams' (and beleive it or not, we are all still in the same ward!)

What a strapping young group of priesthood holders! From left to right: Tara's brother Uncle Adam, Uncle Jason, Scott (Dad), Poppy David, Uncle Simon and newly welcomed Uncle Steven (Courtney's fiance). Poor child has no where to turn except to righteous, supportive family members.
Scott , Tarra and their beautiful family of new generation Adams girls

Our day at the pool!

What could be more relaxing. The weather was perfect, warm no rain this time! Been to the beach, played some sports, had a sun bake and now it's time for a float and soak!!!! The caravan park had a beautiful resortstyle swimming pool and spa that we utilizes every chance we could get. Here is Mum, me, Charlotte and Aunty Courtney!
Here is everyone! Please excuse my brother Simon's fingers. He has that anying habit no matter how hard we try and get him to stop. Don't worry though........

As you can see he was appropriately punished. He's pushed under water by Courtney!

And then dunked several times......that's me there!

Here's a better shot.......Uncle Simon, Auntie Courtney and Brooklyn

Uncle Simon again gives Charlotte the ride of her life!!! She loved it!

Again and Again and Again

Before a nice relaxing bath in the toddler pool.

Angelsea Beach

We're so lucky with this campsite because all we need to do to get to the beach is turn left at the end of this road and walk for about 200 metres and then you get to................
..........this inlet at the back of the camping group. This water is where you can paddle andthrow a ball during high tide or you can walk a bit further to the wave beach at the back there...........
...........almost there...................
Charlotte could not get enough of the beach. We only went for a quick visit today but went back everyday, sometimes twice a day. The weather was beautiful.

Charlotte loved the water. She even let go of Daddy for a few seconds. Daddy did tend to want to go out further though with Brooklyn.

What a body!!! Jacob get's ready to hit the waves!

Brooklyn has just learnt how to ride a wave into the shore and she's now a pro! It was so good for her confidence!

The girls hit the surf!

Charlotte gives mummy a try! She loves it but is extremely nervous and prefers the shallows.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Inaugral Adams/ McDonald/ Handley Easter Vollyball Cup 2009

We decided to have a go at family volleyball whilst we were at camp. We had so much fun we are going to make a team plaque for next year!
Team Winners
Team Losers

Good Job Simon, Nice Spike. Courtney tries to block!

Another Point to Us!

Poppy arguing with the Ref! And the Ref says...............It's In

Wnners: Team Photo 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Easter Camping @ Angelsea 2009

Welcome to Camp Angelsea. 2009. The weather was absolutely superb. We wasted no time in soaking up all the sunshine and relaxation!
Bathing Beauties: Lauren, Brooklyn, Courtney, Sarah, Nanny Susie, Morgan and Jacob

The main campsite/ Mess Tent/ Common area. The rest of the tents are behind the caravan.

Never short of things to do! Incase your wondering: that's me on the left and Jason on the right!

Jason has a throw!

There was no shortage of sporting balls to play with. We had a soccer ball, basket ball, volly ball, grid iron ball and aussie rules football. Take your pick!

Jacob kicks the footy with Courtney's fiance Steve!

It's always fun to drag an inflateable bed out into the sun and relax!

Jason enjoys a meal with Morgan, Mum and Lanor.

How can one of the World's greatest inventions cause so many problems?

Well, you've probably noticed by now that I have been failing in my blog postings for a while now and there is a perfectly good reason for that! My computer has had a nervous breakdown!
We have been living with a virus on our computer for about 3 weeks now and have finally gotten rid of the problem. So for about three weeks I have not been able to upload any pictures, download any music, had my emails post-dated a month in advance and pop up galores. I couldn't even get onto my uni website to acess my homework.

So let's see if I can catch up! Over the last 2 months we've had heaps to blog about. So over the next weekend I will be slowly getting everyone backup to date.
We love you all and are all so happy to be back on line!

Finally Back on Line!!!!!!!!! Let's see if we can catch up!

Well, here we are. Let's catch up first with Jacob's birthday last month! My baby is now 5 years old and wants to be just like his Dad! He has outgrown his old bike and has moved on to a bigger one and has just started with new basket balls and footballs. May need to join a junior team somewhere soon!

You can't have a birthday without the Freddo Icecream cake: a tradition now for about 4 years. If your lucky, yours is the peice that has chocolate freddo heads in the bottom!

Daddy: The master "Get Presents out of Boxes" person.

Presents galore!!! More Thomas the Tank Stuff!!!!

Stay Tuned for heaps more updating over the weekend! Check back often - We've got to catch up!