Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time to get busy on holidays!!!

We were never lacking in things to do while we were camping this easter. Infact over the 5 days, we never left the park at all, only to get a newspaper and fresh milk! Let me show you what we got up too! The weather was amazing so we brought as many sports balls as you can think of. We even had time to play "Hawaiian Charades" - where I'm told you have to spell out a word using your hips and bottom! Hilarious. Everyone had a go! We also had..... ....some footy ( Dad and Steven)

Jumping till your hearts content - or spectating like Brooklyn and Morgan there!!

Vollyball galore - best of 5 games here is the winning team for 2010 - The Destroyers.

loads of cricket, followed by a game of catch with the baseball equipment.

and finally heaps of Bikeriding!!!!!

After all this fun it was definately time for a refreshing swim at the beach!!!

Easter Camp 2010 - Angelsea

Now time for some R and R!!!!! Gee life's hard on holidays! Jacob is definately his father's son and has the right idea here! What more do you want than doritos, sunshine and a hammock.

Low tide

Here we go on our way to collect shells and explore!

And here's our set up!!!! We don't ever seem to do anything in halves! We have Mum and Dad's caravan on right, our's on the left, Scott and Tara's tent next to ours and the communal mess tent and lounge area in the middle!!!! All within eye view of the oval and jumping pillow.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Easter Bunny comes to Kinder!

The Easter Bunny came to Kinder this month and terrible twosome Charlotte and her cousin Megan celebrated all things Easter. They made Easter hats and baskets and even found eggs that the 'Easter Bunny' had left in the garden for them.

All the parents were invited to an Easter Bonnet Parade where Charlotte and Megan modelled their creations and sang Easter songs like this one called 'Sleeping Bunnies'! Sleep little bunnies!

Charlotte shows off her design.

Charlotte hops down the runway to show off her Easter Hat during the Easter parade!

Aren't they adorable!!! Look what the Easter Bunny left in the garden outside!!!!

Scored!!!!! Happy Easter Everyone!

Brooklyn's Inter-School Sports Carnival 2010

Brooklyn had her first sports carnival against 5 other schools in the area this March and boy did she do well! After many tears and anxiety from Brooklyn, she eventually became a willing participant, complete with her own fan club in Nanny Susie, Auntie Courtney and friend Lanor who all came down to support her.

When Brooklyn was brave enough to participate she finally found out that she was better than she had thought, even beating some of the other girls in her own team. As the day went on, her confidence grew and her smile got bigger. Here is her first event - high jump!

Brooklyn and her Auntie Courtney

Brooklyn in the relay event.

Brooklyn with a mean Shot Put.

Brooklyn also did sprints, tunnel ball and hurdles. It was a hot and exhausting day, but a personally successful one for Brooklyn. We look forward to a great year next year!

Daddy's Birthday!!!!!

This is how slow I am. It was Jason's birthday last month and mine as well! but we decided to give Daddy his birthday presents after work on his birthday as he leaves quite early for work. As you know Jason has just started an electrical apprenticeship and money is tight right now. So rather than buy lavish gifts for us both, we concentrated on things that Jason might need for work and school! Honestly I think he did remarkabley well. Electrical screwdrivers, tool bags, knee pads, pliers and all manner of other gadgets, some popular ones sent from the US!! and he was all set!

Not sure you need knee pads for the ears! but I guess depends on the day at our house really!

Happy Birthday honey!