Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brooklyn's new dresser - finished!

Here is our finished product!

A girly painting project!

I decided it was about time to re paint Brooklyn's dresser drawers since they are now covered with scribble, stickers, stamps and other letters. Brooklyn is growing up too fast and told me she would like new drawers because she was too old to look at her 'baby scribble'. So instead of chucking them out, we took a trip to Bunnings and bought some sample pots in Brooklyns favourite colours.

We then stayed up late one night and painted them together out the back! It was a great experience.

The fruits of our labour!

Before shot:::

Hope you can tell!!!:::
After Shot:::

What a finish. For some people who have never tiled before, there was not one tile out of place with a nice smooth finish. It's only taken us almost two years to get around to doing it!!!

Jason and I discover we can tile.....

It's amazing what you can acheive with a little reading, asking some experts and being patient. Whilst Jason was on holidays for 3 weeks, we attempted to tile our kitchen splashback. Taking it real slow and Jason being the perfectionist he is, he did a fantastic job!

Jason bought all the tools and now has a collection of tools for tiling as well as plastering, painting and plumbing! Gotta love my handyman!

Being ever so patient!

We'll show you the finished product shortly!