Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy 9th Anniversary to me!!!!!!!

Happy 9th Anniversary to us! I can't believe it's been 9 years since we were sealed for time and all eternity! It has been a wonderfully rewarding, slightly challenging and blissful 9 years for the both of us. Out of those 9 years has come 3 beautiful children, a modest but loving home and always sufficient for our needs. I love my husband dearly and look forward to another wonderful 9 years!
SSSOOOO!!! We decided to celebrate - my family has been very busy in the last year with any one of us at a time getting married, moving house, having children, becoming ill and all the trials that come with a large but ever loving family. My brothers and their wives joined us for a fabulous night out minus some children for some much needed adult fun! Food wise!

Scott and Tara, Simon and Lauren!

So we took to the streets and found this great little 1950's American Diner called Misty's Diner. Jason loves to shop at USA foods and so we thought we would give this restaurant a go! We were not sorry! Bring on the burgers, shakes and all things american! Here's what happened!
We were advised to keep the burgers wrapped - they were absolutely filled to the rim. And boy were they good! Scott even described his Ranch and Bacon burger as the best burger he had ever had! and that's no small statement from him......

Jason diving into his taco fries............ the food was fantastic!


Jason's Strawberry and Orea Milkshake and my Texas Brownie with ice cream and fudge!

Scott was brave enought to try a white chocolate volcano which was white fudge sauce, white mudcake, topped with icecream and whipped cream! Let me tell you, the drive on the way home was very slow and smooth as we were so full it hurt!

Lauren and her twizzler stick. We didn't even know what a twizzler stick was. Jason described it in great detail!

We will definately go back again. It's a date for next year! Happy anniversary to you guys!

My Little Gymnast

Heres what I was talking about - both with Charlottes bunny ears/ peace sign! And Charlotte's splits!!!!

How's this for flexible!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here comes Halloween!

Well, Halloween is right around the corner and we are getting into the festive spirit. We have put up the decorations and even the famous glowing pumpkin on the front porch. At the kinder where I work, I love to get comments like "We saw your pumpkin out last night!" (I'll take a photo soon! and show you) Jason likes to advertise some fun and excitement for the kids in the neighbourhood. We live about 500 metres from school so we have heaps of kids walk past each day. Last year we had 40 trick or treaters! My neighbour had 3. Jason loves to share the joy, telling all the kids what Halloween is like back home when he was a kid.
A rare photo of Jason without a hat on. Jason andJacob have fun opening the Halloween boxes.

Brooklyn and her Pumkin lights!

Don't they just have angel faces. Charlotte's really into the peace sign/ bunny ears in photos at the moment!

Brooklyn loves our lolly bowl. When you put your hand in, an eye falls out of it's socket and the Dracula laughs!

Look at that frown, somebody doesn't like the sun in their face!

Enjoy your Haloween preperations!

This is how gymnasts sleep.............

I walked passed our bedroom on the weekend and found my angel asleep spread eagle across the bed! It is incredable how flexible she is. I will have to take a photo one day and show you all!
I'm feeling the cramps already!
My baby!

Some School Holiday fun!!!........

Here was one one we combated our additction to Pepsi - making a home made bowling game during school holidays.
Jacob and Brooklyn bowl the morning away