Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Excavation!!!!!

Here we are with the beginning stages of excavating our backyard. For a while now we have wanted to lay a concrete slab that eventually we can build on and now we have finally began. Jason, some family and some elders from the ward begain with jack hammers and shovels.

 Here we find an old storm water resovior.
 Jacob not that thrilled with the Jack hammer

 Shovelling lasted about 3 hours before the big guns were called in.......
 'The Dingo' mini digger

 Even I had a go - We finally got done in 3 hours what it would have taken 3 weeks I think!
 Clearly no ocupational Health and safety inspector on this worksite! It was an accident though.

 Now the kids get to have a go. Charlotte has no idea where she's going!
 "When I grow up I want to be a big bulldozer!!!! said Uncle Scottie

 And here's the final result! A nice concrete patio.
 Eventually there will be a roof put on and then slowly building in a rumpus room but for now the kids are having a blast riding their bikes and playing basketball!

Some photos from Simon's 30th......another fancy dress party!!!

My brother Simon turned 30 last week and so he wanted to have another fancy dress party like we had for his wife Lauren. So top try and top their Tweedledee and Tweedledumb costumes, my brothers (who are never too shy opted for Super Mario Bros. costumes. Mario and Luigi. James, Brooklyn and I went to the party but Jason stayed with a sick Charlotte and Jacob unfortunately. I went as a hula girl and James went as Superman.

 Scott as Mario and Tara as trash ( you had to come as a first letter from any part of your name) Scott's middle name is Matthew.
 Simon as Luigi (middle name is Luke) and Lauren as Little Bo Peep!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Boys!!!!!!!!

Jacob absolutely loves his brother to death. He wants to hold him all the time and can't wait until they can 'hang out'. Aren't they gorgeous?

A Gorgeous Summer Day out with the Family......

Whilst most of the extended family had a few weeks off over Christmas, we decided to take an adventure to the rock pools of Rye back beach. A place where the Adams family had visited many times whilst growing up. We found a great place to set up camp and then it was time to explore.
 Here Morgan and Jacob see what they can find under this rock bridge.
Here Uncle Scotty shows us all how it's done

Brooklyn and Jacob carrying their stuff

Jason and Morgan find a treasure trove of creatures.

Finally Brooklyn with her league of cheerers on the side there, takes the plunge. She was very brave.

Jacob the explorer

Uncle Simon the sunbather.........

Our brolli set up

Finally we then move around to the front beach because the waves were too rough at the back beach area. Here we are again relaxing in the sun.

Tara and I - 16 years later, (my one and only YW friend) and still smiling.

Floating in the water was just amazing - just ask Brooklyn and Nanny and Poppy......

....and Charlotte, Megan and Madison.

It was a fabulous day! Thank goodness Summer is here!