Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let's get you all up to date!

Well where to begin! I just wanted to update the blog because I haven't had the chance in the last 3 weeks. About a month ago I hurt my back at work I presume (Preschool Teacher). I let this go and kept working because I needed to finish the term and get ready for our camping holiday that you saw! While we were on holidays my back begain to hurt again and I modified how I was walking and what I could lift!
Anywho, here's what happened..... I went back to work after the holidays and all was fine, except I had an annoying cramp in my backside that was giving me pins and needles down to my toes! Now all those with back problems are probably hearing alarm bells but I was a novice at this stage. I began to take some over the counter anti-inflamatories which didn't seem to help. Then 2 days later, I woke up and stode up, in agony. I managed to walk to the bathroom to try and take some pain killers. When I lifted my leg to turn around I was paralyzed, my knees buckling from under me. I called for Jason and he couldn't even help me back, he had to carry me back to bed. I frantically called my mother (who lives around the corner) and she came straight over to see my 3 kids running around with no breakfast, Brooklyn not ready for school and me in tears! Unfortunately Jason had to leave for work!
Well that was the lead up. It turns out that I have a disc buldge in my back which was pinching my sciatic nerve, hence my pain all down my leg.
Making a long story short, my poor unfotunate mother has been nursing me and my 3 children for the past 3 weeks everyday, picking me up and spending the days at her house. She has also helped with school drop offs and pick ups and kinder runs. She even did my grocery shopping and bought my medications. I love her to death but I can see how tired she is. I don't know what I would have done without her.
It is very humbling to have to rely 100% on somebody elses love and kindness to help you get through each day. To help you shower, dress, get your meals, run your errands. I love my family so much!
I am so greatful for their constant love and support, for thier offering of their time to help with my chores, my errands and for just putting up with me. I appoligise for anything I may have said whilst under heavy pian and sedation medication!!!!!
I am also grateful for Jason's constant support and for stepping up while I haven't. I haven't even been able to sit with my family for dinner for 2 weeks now. I love him so much for his endurance and love!
The sisters in the ward have been fantastic too! I have received meals from the sister for 2 weeks straight now. I haven't been able to attend church for 4 weeks now and am feeling very down, but each day these sisters have been a blessing!
Hopefully we are on the mend now. It has been 4 weeks since I have worked and am looking forward to getting back to the kids! I have alot of Physiotherapy to build my strength back up and I know I need to lose some weight so I will keep you all updated!
So there you have it, the reason I haven't updated the blog in a while, I haven't even been able to sit in the computer chair!
Jason has downloaded general conference for me to listen to so hopefully I can catch up. I am so greateful to apart of such a wonderful organisation that is the church. I know that all of the programs and quorums are inspired and have had a wonderful lesson in humility, service, sacrifice and love! I consider myself very lucky actually!
Until we meet again! Love Sarah xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Brooklyn's House Athletics Carnival 2008

Brooklyn had her annual school House athletics carnival in March this year. As you may have guessed she is in Blue House. They have Blue, Red, Green and Yellow house and the whole school is divided into these teams. It was a Twilight sports night from about 6pm until 7.30pm because it was daylight savings. It was a great afternoon.

Here is Brooklyn lined up with her other friends in Grade 1 and ready for her relay.

Here we are at the end of the evening with Brookyn's house.
Brooklyn ran her sprint against 3 boys!! (unfair I reckon) but she got a ribbon for coming forth. She was very proud. There is a video posted of her sprint and obsticle course later.
A great action shot of my baby with the relay baton.
Excited and ready to play!
This is a team event where, normally for older children it's called tunnel ball, (where the leader rolls the ball through the legs of all the kids to the end and the bottom person runs to the top and rolls it again. For the younger grades they just get the children to throw the ball down the line and run to the front.

The captivated audience sitting in the stands!