Saturday, January 14, 2012

McDonalds Christmas morning! 2011.

Christmas Eve at the McDonalds house. I wanted to show of the new Christmas Stockings that myself and the women in my family had made this year! Each calico sack has their names stitched on, along with some fabulous buttons and pictures. I was so excitied to have these finished with some massive help from mum, Tara and Courtney! Of course I had the most to do but often struggled with threading the needles as my eyes got bad! But we pushed on and finished them with 3 days spare! Thanks guys! Next year we are going to tackle stockings!
 So here they are all lined up ready for Santa to pay a visit? MMMmmmmmmm!
 And here we go.........James on his cute new little bike!

 All the kids enjoyed a new Pillow Pet! Exciting, they lay down like pillows and then you can fold them up to be different animals on their beds! Cute!

 James with his new little couch! Been popular with all the kids when they were little!
 The gorgeous girls!
 And Gorgeous boys!
 Jacob really excited to add to his Transformers collection! Santa Rocks right?

 Charlotte is still a fan of Tangled and loved her new Rapunzel tower!
 Brooklyn excited with a new set of books to read. She got Ronald Dahl's collection 2 years ago and has read everyone! She now gets to tackle the Harry Potter collection! Very cool! My cute little bookworm!

 Daddy hits the Jackpot!
 And mummy scored from Santa too! Yeah!

 Jacob in his PJ's with his new remote control car!
 .and Brooklyn with her new bike. She might actually fit on this one and ride like a champian!
 Isn't she gorgeous???!?!?!!!!?!?!?!?!

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